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2015-11-14 09:21:14

Hi! My name is George, i`m from Europe, Romania. My car its a Mitsubishi Galant wagon, year 1997, 2.5L, V6, 24v, 163 hp, automatic transmission and i need some help. I`ve found another Galant, year 2002, with side skirts, front bumper, rear fender wings and rear bumper lip. The question: will they fit on my car? Many thanks in advance.

2015-11-14 11:07:01

dignitas1980: Yes, they are identical chassis.

2015-11-29 06:21:40

pepe: Thank you, pepe! What about the filters, timing belt, oils and others? What do you use? Do you have some tips about service my own car? Thanks again. George.