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2016-12-31 10:34:40

A 2001 1300cc Space Star

Suddenly my left and right stop lamps don't work any more. The high mounted stop lamp still works. It might me the connection block D-16. Where is it located?

2016-12-31 10:43:34

bilik: For any electrical consumer on the car ground is needed as well as positive electricity supply. I would check grounding points 7 and 8 on your Space Star. No 7 is in the tailgate, while No. 8 is just behind left tail light. Clean them first then look for another possible fault.

2016-12-31 11:04:10

rajko1205: Thanks, I'll check 8. Point 7 is only for the high mounted lamp I presume. That lamp works fine

2016-12-31 11:47:36

bilik: You are welcome. The main connecting board is below steering wheel on the left side, but I doubt that fault could be there. Fuses and relays are on the front while connector on the back.

2016-12-31 11:55:53

rajko1205: I believe you are right. I'll remove the inside side panel and check the earth. Just one question. The other tail lights work fine. Are these mounted on an other earth connection?

2016-12-31 12:01:38

bilik: In your first post you have stated: Suddenly my left and right stop lamps don't work any more.

Get probe lamp and connect to the +12VDC power of the working one. Touch earth cables and you will know for sure where the connection loss occured.

Read more at: http://en.mitsubishiclub....lect=159335#message159335

2016-12-31 12:30:07

rajko1205: Correct, both stop lamps L+R don't work. However the rest of the tail lights do work properly. So if they are on the same earth point 8 there should be another problem. You are right, I'll use a probe lamp and figure it out.