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Mitsubishi L400


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1998 Mitsubishi Evolution V - Drive Home

This is a 1998 Mitsubishi Evolution V, The much sought after, one of the best ca...

4 minutes : 57 seconds
1993 Mitsubishi Pajero - Drive Home

This Truck is an example of what you can get from japan with the right person hu...

4 minutes : 41 seconds
Mini Z - Delica L400

Kyosho Mini Z converted into a Delica L400

1 minutes : 46 seconds
how NOT to fix a mitsubishi Delica headlight

The plan was to remove the headlight, heat it in the over and remove the lense, ...

20 minutes : 44 seconds
Delica L400

54 seconds
L300 vs L400 and L400 win's.MP4

me cheeting at north wales pull off

46 seconds

MITSUBISHI L400 motor com 85 cavalos, mas muito bebado tem muito desparo esta ca...

19 seconds
Delica L400 Bala video 3

Offroad at Bala 4x4 pay and play site. Going down gently into the woods.

1 minutes : 7 seconds
Delica getting dirty

4x4 bus getting dirty. Wonder if your people mover could do that!!!

16 seconds

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